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2 – COVID-19 prevention
3 – 3D Printing Reserve




We have now been living with the COVID-19 pandemic for over 1 year. We discovered together the effects of this virus and the measures that had to be taken to combat it. We have all made an effort to pass this difficult stage and move forward. Unfortunately, the effects of the virus attack both health and all sectors of the global economy. After the border closures and the shutdown of many factories around the globe in 2020, producers are unable to keep up with the strong demand of 2021. The supply is not sufficient for the demand which has exploded these months, causing a significant increase in the price of raw materials, transport, risks of shortages and lengthened deadlines …

Despite a range Made in France, we are highly dependent on the supply of components whose prices are set by international markets. Our products are impacted by the unprecedented fluctuation and deregulation of short with a double-digit increases.

Considering this unprecedented context, the prices published in our 2021 catalog may be subject to change. Please contact us for any price validation.
As always, we remain available to assist you in your wine cellar projects.

For 2021 we promised you a year of innovation, and we will keep our promise!
Despite difficult decisions, we remain here to reinvent the design of the cellar, the protection of wine and the planet! Friax will be at your side for new projects and new opportunities. Our factory and our offices remain open at normal office hours thanks to the application of measures to fight against the virus.


2 – COVID-19 prevention

Friax Industrie is following the French Government’s measures to stem the spread of the Coronavirus and protect the health of all.

Since the start of this health crisis, we have put in place the necessary barrier measures in all our departments to ensure business continuity and honor our order book while protecting people.

The health and safety of our teams and our customers have always been at the heart of our priorities and this is even more the case today with the global Coronavirus pandemic. The measures taken include the application of social distancing, the provision of disinfectants and protective equipment, in addition to the organization of web sessions to stay in contact with our customers.

A few simple steps to limit the risk of transmission:

  • Wash your hands several times a day with soap or a hydroalcoholic solution
  • When you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve or a disposable tissue
  • Avoid handshake
  • Wear a mask in the presence of other people
  • Install your local contact tracing application to be notified in the event of contact with a patient diagnosed positive


3 – 3D Printing Reserve

We participated in the national effort to protect healthcare workers from the first lockdown!

In addition to our usual activity, we have decided to contribute to the protection of caregivers by joining the 3D PRINTING RESERVE.

Our 8 3D printers have been mobilized to help healthcare workers protect themselves from COVID19 with face shields. We produced and distributed the necessary material free of charge by responding to local or Reserve requests.

Everywhere in France, health and emergency services can make requests on the website:


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