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Conservation history

The WineSupervisor 3 allows you to keep a complete history of the cellar atmosphere and the operating periods of Friax air conditioners. Insurance and proof of the good conservation of the bottles.


Real-time monitoring

Monitor temperature and humidity in real time so you never miss a change in the storage atmosphere of your bottles. Take control from a distance and adjust the settings.

Compatible with all Friax

Accessible from all your devices

Web – Smartphone – Tablet

WineSupervisor is your new connected remote control to get even more out of your Friax 😍 now you can even control the cellar lighting 💡

Configurable alarms

Configure and receive real-time alarms to intervene when needed. Keep track of all events in the cellar.

Care & Maintenance

WineSupervisor 3 protects your wines and your air conditioner by informing you and your technician of maintenance needs and anomalies in the cellar.

New WineSupervisor, new formulas 😍

Whether you are an amateur or a great collector, we have a solution to keep an eye on your bottles!

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– Requires the installation of a WineSupervisor 3 box

– “DEGUSTATION” subscription included for free the first year, then 6.5 € / month or “BASIC” formula

– Annual payment, can be canceled at any time: if you decide to cancel your subscription before the billing deadline, you will still keep your access until the end of the bill 😉

To go even further 🚀

We don’t stop at protecting your bottles. Far from it!

Energy exclusively from renewable sources

No air conditioning and exclusively renewable energy (60% hydro. 40% wind), our servers have minimal impact on the environment. Like your Friax, your data should not have a significant impact on global warming. All our data centers offset their CO2 emissions by 200%.


Protected data

In addition to the measurements integrated directly into the WineSupervisor box, all communications between our servers and your cellar are encrypted. You have control of your information, we ensure their protection. Your data is hosted in the heart of the Alps in a TIER III + type Datacenter with highly secure access. We provide encrypted data backup in a second remote datacenter to ensure business continuity if needed.

Available in OFFLINE version

For system integrators already offering a complete home automation solution with MODBUS communication protocol, WineSupervisor I allows full access to the control and monitoring of the operation of Friax devices without using a connected platform.

No to planned obsolescence 🌳

Let’s take a step in the right direction

Corrective updates

Even after installation, your WineSupervisor 3 continues to evolve and gain in functionality. “La Cave, Partout”, we invent and reinvent it every day. Like a good wine, we get better with time! No reason not to share our latest innovations with you!

Let's switch to version 3 smartly!

At Friax we are convinced that we can act, each on our own scale, to participate in the preservation of our environment (sustainable design, low consumption technology …). That’s why we worked on a project to recycle your WineSupervisor 2 and turn it into WineSupervisor 3.

This solution reduces the amount of electronic waste and the total carbon footprint of replacing all products.

A simple do-it-yourself reconditioning kit is required. Shipped directly to your home by post, it includes all the advantages of WineSupervisor 3 with a free 1 year subscription.

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