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WineSupervisor Installation Guide

Installation is quick and easy: the WineSupervisor 3 only requires an internet connection and radio synchronization with your Friax to operate. When unboxing your WineSupervisor 3 contains the following elements: - A WineSupervisor 3 box - A 2 meter RJ45 cable - A USB...

WineSupervisor OFFLINE

The WineSupervisor displays an OFFLINE status on the cellar page. There are 2 situations for the OFFLINE status: "Loss of radio communication from WineSupervisor" The box is too far from the cellar and cannot communicate. This is often due to the configuration of the...

Read the WineSupervisor information

How to read and interpret the information transmitted by the WineSupervisor? When the WineSupervisor is ONLINE, you receive up-to-date information on the cellar atmosphere and the operating status of the air conditioner every minute. (If the WineSupervisor displays an...

WineSupervisor LED Informations

At its installation and during its operation the  box that you connect to you network/internet modem emits different light signals. Here are some informations to help you undertanding: ○ - Power off ◙  - Normal operation ◙◙◙◙◙ - Exchange of information between...

WineSupervisor Compatibility

Thanks to WineSupervisor the cellar become connected and accessible everywhere! With the release of the WineSupervisor a new version of the Friax regulation is born to compatible with the connected cellar. All air conditioners at departure from the factory are now up...

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