The French Art de Vivre

A quality of life, a philosophy, desires and pleasures … which around the world have no comparable. The French cultivate a passion for the art of living.

But what are the characteristics of this way of life that inspires the world and the more than 89 million internationals who visit France each year?


A way of life, Made in France.

Country of culture, art, or even elegance, with its exhibitions, its artists, and its creators … the image that diffuses the French lifestyle is not easy to describe with the many elements that compose it.

Like many, the French are at the center of many clichés. But it would seem that this does not remove the desire of internationals to discover and appropriate this “art of living” which makes France. In 2018, 89 million tourists * visited France. This places the country in the 1st rank of the most visited countries in the world.

This “French Touch” is the taste of the French for luxury, haute couture, elegance, literature and culture.

But in France, the art of living is above all the art of eating well! Across regions and terroirs, they share this passion for gastronomy: with specialties, cheeses and wines that are exported to the 4 corners of the world.

“The gastronomic meal of the French” is even recognized as a World Heritage. It is not here recipes, but a passion for conviviality and sharing that UNESCO classifies as intangible cultural heritage.

And what would the art of eating be if it were not accompanied by the art of drinking well !? The French are linked with a true love for wine.

Cartier, Hermès, or Louis Vuitton, are some of the names that resonate in everyone’s mind, all over the world, when it comes to luxury.

The chic of the French makes the world dream, with its haute-couture and its perfumed scents. We imagine the well-groomed, elegant and relaxed French woman. The biggest fashion houses want to appropriate her image.

The French like to stroll and explore their cities, museums and monuments. The regions are full of activities, and culture is one of the most popular. The country has thousands of castles and museums, including the largest museum in the world.

France is also a territory of debate and diplomacy, forged by the spirit of the Lumières , philosophers, artists and writers. It is a country that leaves room for freedom of expression and thought. The French art of living evokes late evenings remaking the world with friends, or taking part in causes that are dear to them.


“The most prestigious bottles begin to exist the moment they are emptied with friends !”  Paul BOCUSE – 3 Michelin Stars Chef

The aperitif, the good bottle with friends, the cellar at home, are inseparable links of the French with their culture! The French art of living could then be to remake the world around a good drink.

85% of French people ** consider wine to be inseparable from the French art of living. Even going so far as to describe it as “the best alcoholic drink for your health.”

There is a saying that “a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away forever”. Obviously, there is no question of rushing to the cellar and opening all the bottles, but the sentence says a lot about the passion for the vine that inhabits the French.

If the bottle of wine has its place on the table of any good Frenchman, it is also a tool of diplomacy. The right bottle accompanies meals at the top, just as much as discreet meetings. In public or behind closed doors, wine plays its role in creating this privileged moment of sharing that can change the world when a treaty is signed.

Finally, the French art of living is simply to enjoy desires and small pleasures, but above all to share these moments around you with your family, friends, colleagues and partners …

Clim de cave

Friax Industrie, a French company located in the heart of the Alps in Auvergne Rhône Alpes, defends the French art of living every day by innovating to protect the heritage of cellars above all.

Controlling the chemistry of the wine to achieve its full development is the secret of the Friax cellar air conditioning. By protecting the wine, we protect the little pleasures all around the world. We preserve an art of living and know-how that will span the ages.

By air-conditioning the cellars of world leaders, we are also defending diplomacy in a way: we make sure that it is well-preserved bottles that reach the table of State meals 😉!

La Cave, Made In FRANCE.


Rangements de bouteilles



*Ministère de l’Economie 2018 – **Sondage Ifop – Vin&Société 2013

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