WineSupervisor Compatibility

Friax Regulation (ENG), WineSupervisor (ENG)

Thanks to WineSupervisor the cellar become connected and accessible everywhere!

With the release of the WineSupervisor a new version of the Friax regulation is born to compatible with the connected cellar.

All air conditioners at departure from the factory are now up to date and WineSupervisor ready.

Minimum versions required for WineSupervisor:

  • Remote V4.0
  • Electronic regulation board V5.0


How to check its versions?

  • Remote:
  1. remove a battery
  2. wait a few seconds
  3. put the battery back

The first message displayed is the version of the remote.

  • Electronic regulation board:

The version of the electronic regulation is accessible in the installer menu  under the parameter No. 45 (parameter No. 48 for the version 5.0).


My configuration is not compatible with WineSupervisor…:

If after checking your current configuration is not compatible and you still want to add a WineSupervisor to your air conditioner, we invite you to contact Friax customer service.

We will study with you a solution for the transition to the connected cellar!


Upgrade to WineSupervisor 3 :

The upgrade to the new version of WineSupervisor is included in the renewal of your WineSupervisor 2 subscription: more info here

If you want to keep your old recordings for archive, consider exporting the data before your WineSupervisor 2 subscription expires – transfer is not possible.


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