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WineSupervisor (ENG)

The WineSupervisor displays an OFFLINE status on the cellar page.

There are 2 situations for the OFFLINE status:

  • “Loss of radio communication from WineSupervisor”
    • The box is too far from the cellar and cannot communicate. This is often due to the configuration of the premises: If you have a problem with the distance, move your WineSupervisor closer to the cellar and pull an RJ45 cable or use a Poweline device for a connection through the electrical network of the house.
    • The box is not synchronized with the air conditioner. This sometimes happens after a RESET of the air conditioner. You must then follow the synchronization steps.


  • “Loss of Internet connection from WineSupervisor”
    • Your network is no longer connected to the Internet: check your modem.
    • Your internet or electrical network has suffered disturbances: restart your WineSupervisor by disconnecting it electrically for a few seconds then reconnecting it – you should return to ONLINE status after a few minutes of operation.



To go further …

  1. The WineSupervisor is well synchronized with the air conditioner (green status LED + no ArF alarm on the remote control)
  2. Your network is correctly connected to the internet (see supplier box / modem)
  3. You have connected the RJ45 cable to the network before connecting the power supply to the WineSupervisor (steps 1 and 2 of the installation guide)

After these steps you still do not have access to your cellar? >> You may have a personalized configuration in place on your network: contact your IT service provider – traditional internet service providers do not block the system.

To operate the WineSupervisor uses an outgoing protocol on ports TCP 7979 and TCP 7978 – your service provider may need to open these ports. We are able to assist you if the network allows your WineSupervisor to access the internet.


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