The error code AHRH on your remote control or on the screen of your Winespervisor 3 means that the humidity in your cellar is too high.

The average humidity best suited for a wine cellar should be between 55 and 75%. More or less significant periodic variations can occur without affecting the bottles.
If the humidity in the cellar is systematically above 80%, first of all check the FSTY setting of the indoor unit’s ventilation (see commissioning manual).
This parameter is used to define the state of the fan when the cellar has reached its temperature and humidity points.
3 setting options:
-GV: factory setting, the fan remains at its nominal operating speed to ensure maximum circulation of the air in the cellar. Disadvantage, the water contained in the tray under the evaporator continues to humidify the air circulating in the device, which depending on the configuration of the cellar can increase the humidity too much.
-PV: The fan switches to low speed for devices equipped with multi-speed fans (EVA2, H2OA, EVG, EVI, MPCG, MPCA). In this case, the air is mixed with little impact on humidification.
-OFF: As soon as the temperature and humidity points are reached, the cellar ventilation stops. The first value on demand will restart the air conditioning or humidification system.

Solution :
Before any other operation, switch the ventilation to OFF if ever the humidity in the cellar is too high. It may take a few days to return to normal humidity depending on the case.
If, despite this, the humidity remains too high, check with a hygrometer that the value of the probe is correct. If this is not the case, calibrate the probe (See commissioning manual).
Check that the appliance’s condensates are properly evacuated outside and do not saturate the atmosphere of the cellar.
Check that no outside ventilation interferes with the operation of the air conditioning and does not add excess humidity.
Install a Winesupervisor 3 which will make it possible to check the stability of the temperature and humidity and to carry out technical analyzes on the operation of the cellar.

If, despite this, the humidity in the cellar remains too high, contact your installer or your distributor, who will contact Friax customer service.


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