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WineSupervisor (ENG)

How to read and interpret the information transmitted by the WineSupervisor?

When the WineSupervisor is ONLINE, you receive up-to-date information on the cellar atmosphere and the operating status of the air conditioner every minute. (If the WineSupervisor displays an OFFLINE status, you may need to perform an action on the box)


Once connected to your cellar, the screen is divided into 2 parts:

  • LIVE information on the upper part (portrait mode on mobile):
    • Observed temperature and setpoint
    • Observed humidity and setpoint *
    • Device Status (Normal / Standby / Defrost / Security Mode)
    • Operating status of the various elements (Compressor / Heating / Humidifier)
    • Lighting and silent mode activation *
    • Observation of the state of the fans (in expert mode)
  • History curves on the lower part (landscape mode on mobile):
    • Cellar temperature curve
    • Hygrometry curve *
    • Setpoint temperature curve (in expert mode)
    • Condenser temperature curve (in expert mode)

* on compatible devices / finishes


Understanding the curves:

The curve display, in Easy or Expert mode, represents the regulation cycles of the device. By reading it in depth, it is possible to find the different operating states and to demonstrate the good conservation of the wines in the cellar.

A technician will be able to use this history to make diagnostics and identify the important stages of the air conditioners – such as defrost for example – thus facilitating maintenance operations.

The successive waves shown on the screen are completely normal and attest to the good health of the air conditioner: the operation of a regulation cycle is based on activating the air conditioner to always remain within a range of + 1 ° C from the setpoint on the temperature probe: the variation of + 1 ° C on the probe is not significant for the cellar or its wines due to the thermal inertia of the bottles and elements present in the room. This strategy makes it possible in particular to increase the lifespan of the device as well as its energy efficiency without taking any risk for the bottles.


Understanding energy efficiency :

The energy efficiency display is mainly the indicator of the good insulation of the cellar and can help to check the correct sizing of the air conditioner. This calculation takes into account the operating time (cooling and heating) of the devices over the last 24 hours – the indicator will be green for normal daily operation.


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