AS2C is a type 2 alarm that stops air conditioners equipped with a temperature / humidity sensor (Vintage Models).
It is triggered when the controller no longer detects the probe.

Two cases may occur:

1) The fault appears and none of the following actions make it disappear:
– Refreshment by validating OK
– Stop and start ON / OFF
– Power failure and power on

Check all probe connections to see if a wire is unplugged.
If the device does not start contact your installer to change the probe.

2) The fault appears randomly and disappears during a refresh or during one of the operations (ON / OFF, Power failure, Reset …)

On the splits system, the probe is connected via an RJ45 cable. It is important that this cable is the one supplied (length 5m), that it is not wound on itself and does not pass near the power cables.
You have the option to disassemble the probe to replace it elsewhere in the wine cellar.

Still in default?
So, the hypothesis of a false contact is most likely meticulously check by manipulating all the connections the probe / card path.
If you have not found a solution to your problem, contact FRIAX Customer Service.


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