Should I turn off my air conditioner in winter?

Friax Regulation (ENG)

It is recommended that you never unplug your cellar air conditioner in winter.
Even for Genesis models which do not heat the cellar, Friax air conditioners are fitted with a crankcase heater on the compressor, controlled by an external sensor. This allows the compressor to be heated when the outside temperature is lower than that in the cellar. Indeed in this case if the group is stopped, the refrigerant naturally migrates to the coldest part, the compressor, and will fill it with liquid. The reheating of the latter by the resistance has the effect of evaporating this liquid and avoiding a fatal “liquid hit” to the compressor when it will restart in summer.

With RSF Friax regulation, you can stop your Genesis air conditioner in winter if you wish while keeping the compressor crankcase heater function on standby:
On wireless controls, press and hold ● until “off” appears on the remote control. The air conditioning stops working but the management of the crankcase resistance is maintained.


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