Install a VINTAGE device without connecting to the water the HGR%

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In the case where a significant dehumidification is necessary due to a massive influx of water by infiltration by the soil or the walls of the cellar (Ambience with more than 80% of relative humidity), it is recommended to use a dehumidifier independent of the air conditioning. The devices of the Friax ranges are not studied to satisfy directly this type of application.

Is it possible to install a VINTAGE device without connecting it to water?

When the connection to the running water of the humidifier is impossible and it is necessary to be able to heat the cellar in winter, you will still have to install a Vintage model.
In this case, set the humidifcator setpoint to 50%, which will prevent the solenoid valve from being energized in case of humidity demand by the control unit.

You can also connect the water supply of the humidifier to a small tank placed high up to the device which will moisten the cellar effectively.

Friax offers various KLP connection kits for the humidifiers of its Vintage devices very easy to implement without specific tools. The flexible water tube with a diameter of 6.35 mm is supplied in different length depending on the kits.

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