ASL alarm

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The ASL code on your remote is the low threshold temperature alarm in the cellar. This means that the temperature is below the low temperature threshold.

Check the temperature with a thermometer to know the actual temperature of your cellar.

Genesis Models: Cold Operation Only

The compressor is stopped. the cellar naturally descends in temperature. The outside temperature is too low and the insulation of your cellar may not be good enough. We advise you to see to improve the insulation or to pass on a Vintage model.

The temperature is lower than the set point and the compressor runs continuously. There may be a problem with the control board or the settings have been changed.
You can reset with the remote control to reset the factory settings. If there is no improvement, contact your installer.

For vintage models: Cold, warm and humidification operation

The heating mode icon indicates that your unit has switched to heating.
-Check that the evaporator fan is on and that the heater is heating up. if this is the case it is possible that the power is not sufficient: strengthen the insulation of your cellar.
-The fan or heating resistor does not work, contact your installer to check the power supply of the components.

In the case of parts replacement, make your request by noting the model and serial number of the unit.


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