Support baskets and chromed steel rod. Individual and presentation horizontal bottles Baskets with 2 to 3 places, baskets for 2 magnums.

Removable baskets on their support for various presentations, online (bottles laid end to end), cross (offset from one another bottle for a more compact presentation).

The Symmetry of baskets to allows orient the bottles left or right. Alignment is always perfect thanks to positioning stops on each basket.

Two formats of vertical bars, S4 (4 levels of 75cl bottles or 3 levels of bottles 150 cl), M8 (8 bottles of 75cl levels or 6 levels of bottles 150 cl) for 4 configurations in height.

Compatible ranges




1. Choose your size

Visioplan S4

Height = 540 mm

Visioplan M8

Height = 1020 mm

Visioplan M12

Height = 1560 mm
(1 x S4 + 1 x M8)

Visioplan L16

Height = 2040 mm
(2 x M8)

2. Choose your basket

VisioPlus N2

For VisioPlan size :
S4 : 8 bottles

M8 : 16 bottles
M12 : 24 bottles
L16 : 36 bottles
Color = chrome or black

VisioPlan N3

For VisioPlan size :
S4 : 12 bottles
M8 : 24 bottles
M12 : 36 bottles
L16 : 48 bottles
Color = chrome or black

VisioPlan M2

For VisioPlan size:
S4 : 6 bottles
M8 : 12 bottles
M12 : 18 bottles
L16 : 22 bottles
Color = chrome



Other VisioRack ranges …


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