The installation of a Monobloc MPCA for the air conditioning of a wine cabinet makes it possible to overcome constraints related to the refrigerant connections of a splits system. The Friax MPCA Monobloc enable an optimized implementation. Like the MPC, they are available in several powers. Driven by their wireless remote control, the Genesis and Vintage labels perfectly control the temperature and humidity of your cellar. The unique design of the MPCA will not forget the use of the latest technologies in regulation and ventilation.

Maximum cellar volume in m3*

(*depending on model)

Starting at 6 541€ incl. VAT

WineSupervisor Ready

Control your cellar with the WineSupervisor integrated in the MPCAe edition


This is the air cooling system with humidity stabilisation for cellars that are too humid


This is the most complete solution. It air conditions, heats and humidifies your cellar


The MPC range offers a solution for each installation problem during assembly

An perfect solution for integration

These devices have been developed to integrate better in the smallest spaces: whether you are an integrator or creative mind, the MPCA will fit in all your projects!

  • Power
  • Sound level
  • Energetic efficiency

Wine aging under your eyes

The MPCA is the perfect Monobloc solution for the conservation of your bottles in the best environment, while offering you the possibility of keeping your wines under your eyes without any pollution! Residual noise is trapped in the cellar. Their power and silence allow you to create the most beautiful cabinets in the middle of your living rooms, dining rooms … without the problem of having to install a split solution.

Custom cellar spaces

Can be integrated into shop windows as well as small rooms. The device can even be positioned under a staircase converted into a wine cellar. The MPCA helps you optimize space.

Installing an air-conditioned cellar space in a living room or a hobby room becomes relatively simple with the MPCA. Autonomous, it sits in the room and plugs into a power outlet.


.Sustainable Design 🌱

To participate in the effort to protect our planet, the MPCG uses the most modern and energy efficient ventilation technologies.

The charge of refrigerant R290 in the refrigeration circuit reduces the impact of the air conditioner on global warming. 


régulation de cave à vin climatiseur friax industrie

Wireless remote control

Included with every products

According to the type of installation chosen, it is not always easy to reach the regulator on a cellar air conditioner. Using  Friax’s RSF remote control you can install the system further away without constraints. The signal passes through walls. The remote control does not necessarily have to be installed in the cellar room. In this way you can check your temperature and hygrometry without having to go down to the cellar.

régulation de cave à vin climatiseur friax industrie

WineSupervisor 3

Sold separately

WineSupervisor is the solution of connected wine cellar that allows the user to follow in real time the operation of his cellar and to be alerted in case of anomaly. The recording of the temperature curves makes it possible to keep the traceability of the cellar. 

Learn more 😉 :

Evaporator | Céos


It is the most complete solution on MPCAs. It performs the functions of air conditioning and humidification of the cellar. Optimized for cellars and cabinets that are too dry, these models are equipped with the HGR% system. It allows humidity to rise without adding heat and does not require demineralised water or a softener. The use of a KLPWSECU kit will facilitate and secure the connection on the water.

The evaporator in detail

Monoblocs MPCA are equipped as standard with thermally insulated casing, low consumption EC (Green Energy) variable speed fans, cooling function, humidity stabilization CWR (Cold Water Recycling) with a double condensates, automatic adjustment of the condensation pressure, a wireless remote control with digital screen that can be moved outside the cellar.

The Ceos version also includes temperature and humidity measurement, an integrated HGR% humidifier controlled by the remote control.

  • Mounting through the wall/cabinet
  • Black epoxy paint body
  • CWR (Cold water recycling)
  • Operating and alarm indicators on the front
  • Disconnector
  • Low consumption EC variable speed fans
  • KPC Condensing pressure control
  • RSF wireless remote control
  • Display of temperature, humidity and various device functions
  • KHGR% Integrated humidifier
  • CC condensate drain pan (hot + electric)
  • Fluid R29
The accessories
    • KPR Lift Pump Kit
    • KLPWSECU Secure Pressure Relief kit for humidifier

    •  KRH-MPCA MPCA adapter for rear air ventilation

    • KWSP II WineSupervisor Kit for cellar connected




    MPCA …



    Cooling capacity +6°C/+12°C




    T° set points





    MPCA …





    230 V/1+T

    230 V/1+T

    Electric current required

    A max




    MPCA …



    Air flow in the cellar




    Ambiant room temperature




    External air flow




    Net weight




    Body colour  







    All the technical documentation is available in your Pro Access


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